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Thread: New website thoughts ?

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    New website thoughts ?

    Just curious if you can give me any thoughts on the redeisgn of my gaming guild website

    How are the fonts? too big too small? Site easy to read?

    Any thoughts...check out the gallery...finally got that working well.

    Just curious...any feedback good or bad welcome.


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    Looks pretty decent....

    The rollover effect used on the buttons doesn't match though. The font colour on roll-over is too light, so it doesn't contrast nicely with the silver/grey button.

    Gallery looks nice too... can say it works nicely in firefox too. Nice to see it isn't browser dependant.

    Wonder how it would look to integrate the search feature into the silver menu bar.

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    Thanks for right I can fix that color easy just will edit the CSS file.

    I acutally want to get rid of the search...because I dont have muych use for it...thing is if I take it off...I think that spot will look too i put it there just to have something..LOL

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    Jmo, I would make the main logo on the main page alittle bigger to take up more space at the top there. It looks too wide open and makes the logo seem small and not jump out at you at all. Maybe if it was just alittle longer.

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    Yeah unfortunately i have not an inch of artist bone in my body...a friend of mine made it...and not sure if he can change it anytime soon.

    But I do agree on bigger resolutions it lot of empty space. I will think of something thanks

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