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Thread: need to refresh constantly! please help me :(

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    need to refresh constantly! please help me :(

    Hi there I've been experiencing this for weeks. I bought a 3COM OfficeConnect Wireless 11g Cable/DSL Gateway and have been experiencing problems surfing the net. I keep getting the "This page cannot be displayed" error. However, after i refresh once or twice, it'll be okay. I can surf fine without the error when I connect my Cable Modem directly. I'm googling away like crazy but can't find an answer. I hope someone can help me! thanks alot!

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    See if there are any firmware updates for your router.

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    i have downloaded the latest update. but i didn't download the 2nd latest update i suppose they are cumulative? thanks!

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    could be a DNS issue with your ISP. I was running into that a few weeks backk. I found a couple of Public DNS servers and put them in my router config and I've been fine ever since.

    try some of the Tier 2 servers that are geographically near you and see if htat helps.

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    Thanks everyone

    Hi I have solved the problem. For those who are facing this problem, go to "Wireless Network Connections" (properties), then under select tcp/ip, click properties, try using

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    Thumbs up thks everyone

    sorry for the incomplete msg. select "Use the following DNS Servers" and enter some level 3 DNS servers like Thanks everyone again!

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