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Thread: Connecting wireless router to existing router

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    Question Connecting wireless router to existing router

    Hi all.
    I recently got a Dlink 524 wireless router, and was going to switch out both my netgear router and my netgear wireless gateway.

    After running the 524 router for a few days I noticed that the throughput on the wired connections is very slow compared to the netgears wired transmissions. Especially using p2p software.

    So what I want to do is have my netgear 4 port router running the wired connections, and connected throught the WAN port to my cable modem. Then use the DL-524 as a wireless gateway, rather than a router, to broadcast 54g around the house....

    I understand it as this:

    1.Netgear router setup as dhcp (range 3 ports with wired connections, 4th port connecting to the DL524 wireless router.

    2. DL524 connected through LAN port to the netgear (Not WAN connected to netgear router?) DHCP disabled. Wireless broadcasting turned on. Set the DL524's IP to

    Set all pcs on the network to dhcp.

    If this is setup ok then I should be able to admin into the netgear on, and the dlink on from any of the pcs on the network? Or will i only be able to access the dlink through a wireless connection? Any other setting I should check?


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    That should do it. Many of the new wireless routers have a feature to flip them over to a pure Access Point. You change the LAN IP (if necessary) to match the scope of your router. The setup the other day that I did, with a pair of Belkin wireless routers, on top of an existing Linksys SX41 router (which was made Belkin #1 at, and Belkin #2 at DHCP on each, changed each to run in only "Access Point Mode"...made the SSID of each the same...and they were all set. Uplinked each WAP to his main switch using a LAN port. Much as you did. Yes you can access the WAP through even a wired connection.

    So yes...what you did is just fine.
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