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Thread: Should I buy Intel Socket 478 or 775 CPU?

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    Should I buy Intel Socket 478 or 775 CPU?

    I'm thinking of putting together a new machine here, probably 3.0 or 3.2 Ghz and I definitely want Intel not AMD. This is a normal use machine, not an overclockers paradise or anything like that. I want to keep the budget reasonable, like I won't spend 30% extra to get that last 10% of performance. This is a everyday business machine and light gaming, no need for 999 frames/s at 1600 * 1200 resolution or anything.

    I'm wondering if I should go with a P4 3.0E CPU, or if I should go to the new socket 775 CPU with the stupid numbering system "530" meaning 3.0 Ghz.

    -The old 478 CPU costs about $25 Cdn less
    -The 775 CPU requires more expensive motherboard
    -The 775 motherboards have PCI-E which requires more expensive but better video cards.
    -Motherboard takes DDR2 RAM, which can do up to 533 bus, but the CPU is 400 anyway so I'm not too sure of the benefits. It is also way more expensive.
    -Is it worth getting a 600 series CPU that gives me 2 MB Cache and EM64T?

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    My 478 system is holding up strong. Right now I'm encoding some video, ripping a CD with dbPowerAMP in flac format and seeding 14 huge files on bit torrent and leeching 3. All legal stuff.

    That pretty much says it all. If you're going ot get a 478 get a Northwood CPU. They're phasing them out and the price on them is rising. Presscots throttle back too much to compensate for their extra cache.
    Team this with some DDR 3200+ with tight timings and say a 6600 or other midrange video card and you'll be fine.
    The catch is that the Ram, video card and PSU won't be able to transfer over to your next system down the road. Where as it was able to before. I was gonna upgrade last Summer than put it off till the fall. Honestly this set up is still running strong so I may just ride it out till 2006.

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    It's a tough call, it seems to me that the jump to the next set of technology is a little more expensive for what you get.

    Admittedly I know very little about what the PCI-E video cards have to offer. As far as I know AGP 8x isn't even the limiting factor for those cards, I could easily be wrong about that.

    The other thing I noticed with DDR2 is that it is CL-4. I would have thought over time that the delay between CPU cycles would be going down instead of up. In my P166MMX I think the memory was CL2, In my P3 it was CL3 (if you bought they right stuff you could OC it to CL2 if you were lucky). With DDR anything but the top end stuff is CL3 as well. I would have thought the focus would be on keeping the CPU cycles skipped down instead of focusing on bandwidth. As far as I can tell, very few processes on your machine max out the bandwidth whereas having quicker response to RAM would have a benefit to everything.

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    Like cypher said, for light to moderate to even at times heavy use I would pick up the 478. And also as he said, stay away from the prescott core. Its what Ive got and I really cant say much good about it except that its faster than my old 2.4B. Its a power whoar and heats up your box without even adding a decent ammount of performance. 478 Northwood
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