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Thread: how to move public IP address of ADSL router to the server in LAN (behind router)?

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    how to move public IP address of ADSL router to the server in LAN (behind router)?

    Hello masters,
    please would be somebody so polite to help me with my problem?
    I have one ADSL router [Intracom jetSpeed 520i] with one public address/ and I would like to set it on the server behind this router - to the LAN like scheme:

    | - now this address is occupied by this router
    [ADSL router]
    | - private ip address (class C by rfc 1918) What should I give here?
    | - I would like to setup that one public address here, how?
    [linux BOX]
    | - private address/mask
    | - private address/mask

    I tried to modify route table of ADSL router like:
    route add -host [my one public address] gw [eth0 of ADSL router]
    and setup eth0 of linux BOX like:
    inet addr:[my one public address] Bcast:[my one public address] Mask:

    But it seems, that this is a wrong way, or something missing, because tcpdump -nei eth0 of linuxbox don't show any data, when I try to connect.

    Many thans in advance for any help to solve this problem.


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    you might need a router or device that is capable of doing one-to-one NAT.

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    Are you trying to make some service that the *nix box runs available as a public service? Such as a web server? Port 80?

    I'd take the port forwarding approach. Forward the ports necessary to make the service public (such as port 80 for web) to the LAN IP address of your server.

    Quick little guide that may help shed some ideas...
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