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Thread: Router Suggestions

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    Router Suggestions

    i dont know anything about routers but i want to buy a wireless router. im not sure what brand to go with. ive got cable internet and i dont want the speed to slow down on the connected computers on the network. so if you have a wireless router thats you like or dislike could you please tell me whats good and whats bad so that i can narrow it down to a router that will suit me.


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    D Link All The Way

    I have aDLINK DI-624 with MIMO. I haven't had a problem at all with it and right now Officemax has a rebate, I ended up paying $49 dollars, The Speed is AWESOME. I would never go back to Belkin. Hope this helps out.

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    If you're looking to purchase wirless now, I'd strongly suggest you go with a new Pre-N/MIMO router. Simply put..MIMO really is all that much really is. Main reason I've noticed in doing setups, is how strong the signal is, both punching down halls and into other rooms, as well a range. Because MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) does a scatter effect with the signals.

    And you don't HAVE to have a MIMO card on your computer, it works great with G adapters, even B adapters...they will still realize a fantastic gain in range/strength of signal. You only need MIMO wireless cards to realize the speed gains. And if you are only using wireless for internet, who cares about speed gains, since even ancient slow B wireless speeds are way more than adequate for internet access.

    As for brands, in all the comparisons I've read, the units based on the Airgo Networks "True MIMO Technology" performed best when looking at range, and maintaining performance if other wireless networks were in the area. Linksys, Belkin, and Netgear are the big brands based on the Airgo chipset. Of those two, I've done setups with the Belkin Pre-N and the Linksys SRX units...and have had fantastic luck with them. Of recent articles in PCWorld and PCMagazine, those two units have come out as top choices. Previous to deploying some Belkin Pre-N units, I never liked Belkin routers (any networks I'd come across to support that were already using Belkin routers, I'd throw them out), but they did a fantastic job on this model. Either of those are my recommendation based on personal experience.
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