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Thread: Upstream Power Problem

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    Upstream Power Problem

    i have a linksys cable modem. for the most part over the past year everything has been "ok". recently, however it's intermittently losing the connection for 15-20 secs. this of course sucks in the middle of CS:S or flying in BF: DC, in both cases i end up dead once the connection returns. from looking at the signals on the modem page, my downstream power is -1 to 1, SNR 34-35, but my upstream power is like 56-58. the wall outlet that this modem is hooked up to goes directly to the outside splitter, so nothing in between.

    before i started having this problem, i think my upstream power was more like 35-40. talked to a tech on the phone. he looked up my modem and saw the high upstream power. he advised to disconnect the coax from the modem and touch a piece of metal for like 10 secs. i did it and afterwards started everything up and check the signals. before i was at 58 and after it was 53. i can only guess that i'm building up a charge or something.

    is there something i can put inline to continuously do this? or is there another option? for the most part my connection works, but this intermittent bs is getting me . could this have to do with firmware?

    i'm at work at the moment, so i can't check/do anything right now.


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    u have a problem outside maybe bad fittings or a bad line to your house

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