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Thread: Connection lost ??!!

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    Post Connection lost ??!!

    Something's wrong with my connection every since I installed the speedcorp cable tweak

    What I mean is that sometime my connection will be working fine, but after couple of hours, it just completely die out on me (by the way, I'm using Shaw@home). I phone the dude up from my service provider, and they try to ping my connection, and told me that my connection is suffering an 80% data lost

    So, for all you super cable pro out there, could you please, please, please, please help out a hopeless newbie in cable tweak out?


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    Dose this speed patch have a default patch to remove it. If so do so and see if this helps. If not you will have to remove it from the regesrty yourself. If it dosen't work after you remove it you need to call your provider and have them send someone out to check your modem and lines. GoodLuck!


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