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Thread: router port "balancing" desirable?

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    Question router port "balancing" desirable?

    If you have, say, an 8-port router, can you put something like 24 stations on one router port (via a switch connected to that port), and will that be as efficient as if you had spread them out over all the 8 router ports, or would it not be advisable to do that?

    The situation is that we have a main office with a cable modem, router and some switches, and 4 separate offices around 125 feet away in the same building connected to the network switch with their own Cat 5 cables.

    We have an opportunity to rewire our network by relocating the existing cable modem and router into one of the remote offices. We would then connect back to the main office with the existing wire to the switch so that everyone in the main office has net access, essentially reversing the flow.

    But will that existing one connecting wire from the single router port feeding into our switches support all the users on the switches? Or would we need to balance the load on the router ports which would mean running more cables down that 145 foot length so that they fed from other router ports back to the switches in the main office?

    Please advise.


    Peter Yanagawa

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    That's what I do for larger setups. I'll have a good switch or more for the network, and the router uplinks to the main switch via a single cable. If you have a larger network, you're usually more concerned about local network performance, hence having a good switch. File transfers, stuff running on the server, print jobs, etc etc. Internet traffic is relatively light compared to local traffic usually. That uplink from the router to the main switch is usually a 100 meg connection, and what's your internet connection at best, 1.5 megs? 3 megs? If you're lucky, a 6 meg business DSL? So under full load, you're bottleneck by far is your internet connection, that 1 uplink to the 24 port switch will never even get near 10% load.
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    Smile router port "balancing" desirable?

    Hey 'Cat:

    Thanks for the response.

    It's very comforting to get advice from someone who knows his stuff.

    Thanks again,


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