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    I am having a problem with a cable modem, surfboard 4100, I cannot get online when it is hooked up to either one of my pc, I also noticed that when it is plugged into the ethernet card, there is a green light, but also a yellow light goes on. When I hook up a 3com modem, it is fine. The surfboard was working ok, then I had to move the pc and noticed that the ethernet card and popped out of the slot, so I took it and placed it in another slot, so of course when I put the pc on windows found new hardware, so then in the control panel/windows/system there were two ethernet cards listed so I removed them both, removed the card and started all over again, still no luck . The surfboard will still not work on either pc.Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am running windows 98 se

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    Check the Device Manger. Is there a working NIC listed?

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    So, you have two cable modems? Have both been provisioned by your ISP? Without provisioning, a modem won't work.

    Some recent 4100's apparently learn one NIC MAC address and cannot learn another. Don't know why or how, but it has been a problem locally. No amount of resetting or powering down will fix it.

    Good luck,

    Kip Patterson


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