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Thread: 1 Cable modem and 2 Wireless routers

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    1 Cable modem and 2 Wireless routers

    Sorry if this has been answered...been searchin the internet all day and have yet to find out if this can be done and if so how to do it.

    Right now I have a cable modem with a wireless router hooked to it in a home office (HO#1). DHCP is turned off on the router and I am using static IPs.I have several computers hooked up to the wireless router and several wireless connections. One of the computers connected to it is a Win2003 server.

    What I want to do is set up a second home office (HO#2) in another room. This office will have several computers in it as well. I already have a second wireless router. What I want to do is hook all the computers in HO #2 to the a wireless router, than have the wireless router in HO#2 communicate with the wireless router in HO#1 using the wireless connection.

    This is taking place in the same house, so distance is not an issue, but I do not have the ability to run a network cable between the two routers, I need to be able to do this just over the wireless connection. I know a wireless access point maybe easier to do, but I already own 2 802.11b linksys wireless routers and would prefer not to have to purchase any new hardware...though one day I will get around to upgrading to 802.11g.

    So again my questions are can this be done and if so how? Thanks for any info you can provide.

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    Unless one can act as a bridge, I don't know if you can do it without hardwiring between them. If they had been the newer 'G' model, you could have tried this...

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    any other thoughts???

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