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Thread: Ambit Cable Modem question (XBox Live Related)

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    Question Ambit Cable Modem question (XBox Live Related)

    I can't get XBox Live to work with my roadrunner internet.

    I have an Ambit Cable Modem model no U10C018. It has a firewall that I think is affecting the connection. XBox Live claims it cannot find the DNS Servers. When I login to the modem via a browser, I can see the security settings are enabled, but I can't modify anything. Telnetting into the modem does not work as far as I can tell.

    Can anyone help turn off the firewall or use XBox Live? BTW I'm plugging the cable directly into the XBox, I am not using a router currently.

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    contact roadrunner.

    they will likely give you access to the modem so you can configure it to work properly with Xbx Live

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