hello i am new here. i need you guys to help me out as much as you can. thanks in advance for any help you can be of. i have comcast now at 4down as they just upped us from 3 to 4. anyway all of the tests i runshow horrible speeds!! most are around 2.2 - 2.4 at the very best!!! some come in 1.4-1.8 my uploads seems to be right in line usually at 400 or better. what can i do??
i have a sb5100 (should i change it out for a different brand?) and according to the modem my sig/noise is 33db , my power level is -10 my frequency is locked at 55000000hz. i ran the tweek test on dslreports.com and it said everything was ok?? i called comcast they say everything is a -ok on thier end. they sent a tech out to check the line and that is "ok" they said im actually very good as far as signal goes. i only have internet no tv service so it is a dedicated line directly to the modem. clean windows install just did a reformat and have outpost and nod32 running . if there is any other info please let me know what i can do. i really appreciate any help thanks