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    $ yikes $

    I knew dental work would be expensive, I really did!

    So I took my daughter for her orthodontic consultation yesterday, and had one done for myself as well. Hers will be a 2 phase she will get spacers, a palatial spacer, and partial braces. All really just designed to give her more room so she won't ever have to have full braces hopefully. hers will take about 18 months, and then when all her permenant teeth get here, she may have a phase 2.

    Phase 1= $3,000 That price is if we set it up on a payment plan for 18 months. If we pay upfront, we get a whopping 5% discount.

    Then they took a look at me! I think he was thinking cha-ching, I can retire now! lol Anyways, I have a slight cross bite and an underbite. The good news is, my underbite is not skeletal....meaning, they wouldn't have to do surgery, break my jaw and reset it to fix it! Yeah. I had been told by an old small town dentist at age 12 that is what would be needed and that is why I never looked into getting it fixed! So basically, it is just 3 top teeth that are too far back in front and all my back teeth line up as they should (except for the cross bite in back) so I would get the palatial spacer, a retainer and full braces! It would take about 2 years. Better than 4 I guess. And the other good news is that braces dont' look near as obvious as they used to, but the bad news.....

    $5000! And for $450 more I could get the ceramic ones that barely show at all. Which is ridiculous and not really worth it to me, but I think heck, at $5g anyways, what's another $500!!!

    So now I really just don't know what to do. I really want 'em, but i hate the thoughts of braces for 2 years, and a retainer24/7 for 6 months and I am pushing 30 and wonder if I just shouldn't worry about it anymore....hmmm. My daughters are deinite...she will get them. Any thoughts? Anyone ever had braces and no if these prices are comparable?

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    I don't know if you have a Western Dental out there but they offer 50 dollars a month
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    I'm looking at at least $10,000 in dental work, just for myself, except they don't have a freakin' payment plan. I may have to go elsewhere.

    I feel your pain.

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    Owie!!! Sure hope those are gold plated braces!! Dentistry is so outrageously overpriced in most cases. It ran me over $600.00 for the extraction of a single wisdom tooth not long another $50.00 in prescriptions after that! A friend of mine spent near $8,000 to have hers straightened...then about 2 months after the completion of all her treatments...she was in an auto accident...and had twelve front teeth knocked completely out! Now...that is REALLY an ouch! Good luck to ya!
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    damn, u need good insurance, just about everything i could need dental wise is covered close to 50% or more, minus cavities.

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    i'm getting all major dental work done in europe
    85% cheaper for me even if i do pay for 2nd insurance and have 75% discount on some things (not all of them)
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    Ouch, sorry to hear about that. Do you have insurance and will they cover any of it? I know many insurance companies won't cover braces but I think some do. Worth a shot

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