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    email newsletters

    I work for a company that sends out mass emails (max 3,000) to OPT IN (customers have joined our "club") clients, usually once a week. This is a very important part of our marketing as our list is of consumers who are either customers or those who have expressed a genuine interest in our services. (travel)

    The problem is that we are getting blacklisted. Once blacklisted i have found it nearly impossible to sort out.

    I am, therefore, wanting to set up a separate server to email our newsletters.

    I am also new to this. If we set up a separate server on the same internet connection won't the mail be coming from the same place?
    What if I just set up a new email address (used a different domain)?


    I realize that I may be asking inappropriate questions in the wrong place, but I just didn't know where to start.

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    You're better off outsourcing newsletter e-mails like that to a bulk email host, a good one that maintains high standards so they themselves never get blacklisted.
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