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Thread: What is a serving group?

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    Post What is a serving group?

    Nodes have nothing to do with anything but making the transition from fiber to coax and vice versa. They are analog device, and the load on them has nothing to do with modem performance.
    The number of users in a serving group, that is, the number of people sharing a set of transmitters and receivers in a CMTS is important, and I would guess that is what your cable company is referring to. 1000 per serving group is a reasonable quantity, 1000 per node is a very high quantity.

    Quote from Kip Patterson

    What is a serving group in relation to a node? What do the trasmitters and recievers do? What is a CMTS? Can someone clear this up for me?
    Any help is appreciated

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    Transmitter=sends light into the field to feed the nodes.
    Receiver=Located in the same place.Receives light from the nodes in the field.
    CMTS=Cable Modem Termination System,this is the router.
    This is very basic.The actual functions of these devices gets a little deeper than what we want to cover here.Here is a link that will help with some terms.


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