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Thread: High Latency on CS over Linksys Router

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    High Latency on CS over Linksys Router

    I cant even pings servers, it pings them at 1000 and up,but when i join it lags but sometimes it doesnt, The router runs on a DSL PPoE connection and without the router gets very low latency. I updated the routers firmware but didnt do anything, Also when me and my friend try to join the same server it never works,it just times out, we both have different accounts too. I've read alot about DMZ and NAT and how maybe you need 2 ips,but that seems like a load of crap just to paly cs on the same connection but i really dont understand it, im not too big into networking. I have have a Linksys(Network Everwhere)NR401 4 port Cable/DsL router/switch. Could it be the router? or the way its configured? I went in the options thing and i dont understand what to do. The website for the router sucks also.. Or should I just get another Router all together?

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    I've read a aweful lot....of problems with the "Network Everywhere" router. While being made under the Linksys name, I'm not sure of their affilication with Linksys, as the actual Linksys routers are quite decent, such as their BEFSX41 router.

    Recommend replacing your Network Everywhere with either a Linksys, DLink, or some other more widespread brand router.
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    Im using a D-Link Router that gets really nice pings. I'd suggest one of D-Links too.

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