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Thread: Newsgroups help.

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    Newsgroups help.

    im using the latest version of Grabit.

    im having a problem dling multipart files(video). i can dl other things such as images just fine but whenever i try to dl multiparts like .rar and .par2's they dont show up in the dl folder.

    they only way itll dl is if the "save as .txt" box. i tried renaming the .txt files but that doesnt work out.

    i cant figure this out and its getting to me.


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    34,796's been a while seen we've seen any posts from you, colour! Hope things are going ok!

    I'm not familiar with Grabit. Let me ask you, when you download it..are you also decoding at the same time? I'm assuming so since you also get images.

    Ok...looking at that proggie..I might have to try it!...Another suggestion. Go into the preferences and make sure you have a folder specified to download to. Also....change the specification for Automatically Pause Batch to a higher number...Maybe 200 megs or so. Up to you. Let us know if this helps.

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    Ok, I just tried it out.

    I stipulated which folder I wanted it to download to. It took me a bit to figure out how to get the que to start downloading....and everything I had picked...(image file, mp3 bootleg concert and a small rar) all worked like a champ..

    Anyway, the default folder should work.

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