Ok I built one of my friends a computer about a year and a half ago, well he recently moved and (*not saying this has anything to do with it*) he started getting memory fault errors, well by the time he got it to me the ram was cash wouldn't boot the machine. I tried it in 2 of my computers and no dice, it would boot in one but then memory fault and restart. ANyways I let him use some of my ram until his came in the mail, well tonight I went to his house to swap mine out and put his new ram in and the computer is in sleep mode so I wake it up and the first thing I see is a memory fault. At this point I am thinking it is the power supply I check all the rails and the voltage to the DDR ram and it is all good the voltage to the ram is at default which I believe is like 2.65 or something anyways the only thing that was lower than spec was the reserve voltage it was at like 4.95 and should be at or close to 5V but still its ok.

So anyways its obviously the ram that caused the comp to get memory errors but what could be causing the ram to keep going bad. I asked him if condensation gets in the room and he said no. If its not the power supply what else could it be. BTW its hooked up to a surge protector and I checked for spikes in electric.


*btw haven't checked the ram I let him use to see if it's cashed yet. Hopefully it will be ok, he said he hasn't seen that message yet. So must have been the first time.