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Thread: syntax motherboard

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    syntax motherboard

    i just bought a motherboard Syntax SV266AD Motherboard with a athlon 2200 266MHz FSB cpu when i booth it up it say atnlon 1345Mhz is it supposed to say that instead of 2200mhz on the motherboard cpu frequency pin setting i have it set at 100 instead of 133 would that make a difference also do i need to change anything in the bios i have
    advance chpiset setup
    DRAM clock drive control
    1current FSB 100mhz
    2current dram frequency 100mhz
    3dram clock (option) 100, 133 & sdp
    4dram timing

    1 and 2 i cannot chnage but 3 & 4 i can

    sv266 pdf manual

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    yes, set the jumper to 133 or auto.

    and it's not 2200mhz, it's really 1.66Ghz from what I read (1660mhz or so)

    for bios, setting it at "optimized defaults" is usually good if you dont know what to change.

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