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Thread: How do I set up a small home network?

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    How do I set up a small home network?

    I am currently planning on installing a 4 computer network in my home so that all the PC's can share the internet.

    I have Cable internet service already, and was curious as to what the best (fastest/most secure) network option would be.
    Should I stick with Ethernet, or is USB or Firewire a better option. Also what are the benifits of a wireless network? is it faster?
    And what about the cable modem, is one brand better than another?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    ethernet and a router

    or wirless g and a wireless router

    wireless can be a tricker setup faster maybe depending on interfence

    wired can be trickery depending where the comptuer are ethernet is the best choice for a wired network.

    edit interfence i said interface rofl i thought i was in my cisco class.
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    Just purchase a home broadband router. Linksys, DLink, Netgear, 3COM, stick with the better brands for compatiblity, and they are marketed towards the home user with little or not experience, so they come with EZ Install guides.
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