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Thread: What brand of DOCSIS modem should I buy?

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    Cool What brand of DOCSIS modem should I buy?

    I am thinking to get @home. That is the only cable provider in the area. Company is offering modem for 190$(RCA or 3COM). I saw similar prices at Should I go and buy modem at my own. Any recomendations???

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    if i were you i wouldn't buy the modem at all. have them install it and just rent it. that's what i am doing. i've had my cable modem for over a year and love it. the reason why is so not to buy it is because you are stuck with it if they upgrade their connections or have to change modems to do so. in the future if they decide they have to use a different technology they'll just replace your rented modem, but if you buy it your stuck with it. just my opinion.

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    Yup, I agree with Fastpaz. My modem initially costs 300 but yet I rent it at 5 per month which is only 60 per year, and they just replaced my modem with a brand spankin new and updated one. You're pretty much stuck with the modem if you go on your own and buy one retail.
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    I would just use the providers. As for buying DOCSIS. First you have to make sure your provider is useing DOCSIS. Because if their not your wasting your money. GoodLuck
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