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Thread: Windows ME Internet Connection problem

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    Windows ME Internet Connection problem

    After many years of excellent results from a 2Wire Homeportal HPNA based network, I made the jump to wireless. Now have D-link 524 router. Only changes to my 4 networked PCs was replacing network cards and removing 2Wire software.

    2 of the machines are running XP SP2, one attached with cable and one wireless...both immediately connected to the internet with the new router.

    The other 2 machines are running ME...again one hard wired to the router and one wireless. Both see the rest of the network, but get the infamous Page Cannot be Displayed message when trying to connect.

    I have spent 3 hours on the phone with friendly, patient D-Link support and search the web, all without resolution. The computers will ping successfully, but will not connect to a site. We have tried manually assigning IP and subnet, the DHCP server, and every other TCP/IP configuration we can imagine, to no success.

    As an experiment, I upgraded the hardwired ME machine with my XP disk. As soon as it rebooted with the new operating system, it connected to the internet immediately. I can't activate the XP again, so I uninstalled it after the test. The machine again failed to connect.

    Anyone have any idea what is keeping the 2 ME machines that used to connect fine through the HPNA routher from connecting through the D-Link router?

    Thanks for any help you might provide.

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    Next time you get the "Page cannot be displayed," click on the link that says something like "dicover proxy settings."

    In IE, go to OPTIONS, then the CONNECTIONS tab, then click on LAN SETTINGS and place a check mark in "Automatically detect settings."

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