I previously had a 10mbit setup through wire. When transfering files from one PC to another I got around 500kb/s which is about what it should be. I just recently upgraded to a linksys 54g wifi setup with 2 inexq 54g usb adapters (1 per pc) and my homen network has gone to hell. Most of the time I don't see any PC's, including me, in the network. The only way to access another pc is to directly go into a sharred folder. Next the speed is terrible, 200-300kb/s and access time is horrible. I tried all the different protocols and nothing helped. The wifi router is also 100mbit so I did it the old way and plugged in a cable from both PC's and BINGO 5mb/s. What is wrong with my wifi? Could it be because I have usb1.1 and the adapters are for usb2.0? Still, usb1.1 is like what 11mbit? It still should be faster, including the access time. Takes like 40seconds to go from one folder to the next =(. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.