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Thread: Much Thx to dannjr

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    Post Much Thx to dannjr

    Wow! What can I say? I thought my line was perfect with cablenut's patch. (Thx Cablenu), until I got dannjr's new cable patch! Wow ive never seen such speeds. On the Verizon test with cablenut's patch I would max out at about 780k, and average 720-750. With dan's patch I maxed at 990 and average 880-900!!! This post was just to say THANKS A TON DAN!! This post was not to upset anyone (cablenut). I know you have all worked very hard, but i think dan has finally done it! Good work dan, many thx!

    OOPS i forgot its patch

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    Thats ok, im glad dan's settings worked better for you. Each computer and connection is different.

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    Which patch did you use there are a lot of them there..
    The ones on the beta page are the ones based on cable nuts program that he and JonG have worked hard on..
    With the exception of the win2k patch's there
    the rest are based on the 9x kernel...
    Are you talking about the beta WinME patch that I just put up for cable.

    Anyway thanks for the vote of confidence and that speed makes me drool... This keeps up Im gonna get cable again

    I like that
    thanks again

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