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Thread: Avg Free Vs Adobe Professional

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    Avg Free Vs Adobe Professional

    An associate has loaded AVG Free and Adobe Professional. Whenever he attempts to "restart" or shut down and starts, the machine immediately opens to the screen that gives him options to open in safe mode, etc.

    He has installed AVG Free 3 or 4 times.

    He has uninstalled each program (AVG & Adobe), individually, and the machine will restart with no problems. (AVG installed, NO Adobe. Works fine)(Adobe installed, NO AVG. Works fine.)( AVG installed, Adobe installed...Restart goes dirctly to options page for safe mode.

    Any ideas

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    To clarify, which version of AVG Free and which version of Adobe? With AVGs latest 7.0 Free, I've run into similar issues several times with it "colliding" with other programs as it loads, although the times I've run into this situation, it's been once you log on and the desktop is loading....and services are starting up in the systray. Not as early on in the boot process as you have.

    And which OS does he run?
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    YOSC is right, we need more info, but I do know that Adobe Professional loads some unneeded things at startup. Go to msconfig and uncheck Acrobat Assistant and see if that fixes it. I have installed both of these apps quite a few times without any problems but I always uncheck Acrobat Assistant.

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