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Thread: cable modem and ethernet is messing up my sound

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    Angry cable modem and ethernet is messing up my sound

    i got a cable modem connected to a ethernet card. When i installed the ethernet card and put it into my computer my sound card doesn't work. I try to play windows sounds or mp3 and it tells me the sound card is being used by another device. when i take out the ethernet card my sound card starts working again.

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    it sounds like you have an IRQ conflict,I am assuming you are talking about PCI cards,try moving the nic to another slot on the mobo,and windows should asign it a different irq,if you don't have another available slot see if you are not really using one of the other cards like a modem or something and take it out.or try moving the sound card to a different is for sure an irq conflict.go into my computer properties and look in device manager for irq conflicts.

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    Just give it another irq #.
    You do have to remove and move it!
    Windows only gives you 12 irq#s.
    Been awhile since I done computer 101.

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    listen,windows won't let you reasign the irq,at least it does not usually work for me,I told him to do it this way because this works for sure,and by the way there are 16 irqs.class dismissed.

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