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Thread: Question Re: Cable Modem speeds

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    Question Re: Cable Modem speeds

    So, I'm downloading the "Half-Life 2" demo this evening and it just comes screaming onto my machine at mach-speed. Check this screenshot out:

    449KB/sec?!? Isn't that 3592Kbps? Is that even possible with a cable modem?

    Somebody shed some light please!

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    cable modem?
    yeah it's possiable but your question is kinda open ended
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    Comcast HSI maybe? Looking good!
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    Look's to be about right meast.

    Here's what I just tested at

    2005-02-14 19:31:27 EST: 3699 / 335
    Your download speed : 3787875 bps, or 3699 kbps.
    A 462.3 KB/sec transfer rate.
    Your upload speed : 343938 bps, or 335 kbps.

    (Insightbb cable modem btw)

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    That speed is about normal for most cable internet providers these days.

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    Wow. That's a lot better than in used to be back in the day. Guess I hadn't noticed recently. Thanks for all the input guys. (Except you, McCoffee... You kinda seem like a putz )

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