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Thread: Wireless Router Connection to VPN Router

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    Angry Wireless Router Connection to VPN Router


    I have a VPN Router Linksys BEFVP41 connected to my office VPN router BEFVP41.

    I have attached a Linksys wireless router, WRT54G to one of the ports on the BEFVP41 at home.

    I can ping my remote office over the VPN through the wireless router. But I cannot connect to any shares through my office.

    It keeps telling me
    "\\10.x.x.x is not available
    There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon requests"

    Last time I had a similar message over the wired connection and I simply added the WINS IP address in the LAN settings on my computer.

    The same thing does not work when I do for the Wireless settings.

    Pls help, this is making me go crazy. Any idea's

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    To keep it simple, what you wanted to get, was a wireless access point...and uplink that from your current VPN router.

    What you did, adding another NAT router behind your current router, now you've introduced another routed network and NAT.

    Before we attempt to go through the several steps of trying to bandaid the situation, is it possible for you to return your current router and get an access point?
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