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Thread: MCI command handling window

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    MCI command handling window

    Hey I keep getting an error about 4 out of every 10 restarts or shutdowns saying, "Windows can't shutdown MCI command handling window" end now or cancel....blah, blah."

    Anyways usually only happens when my computer has been on for awhile, did a google search for the problem, found a bunch of people with the same issue but it seems everyone has a different theory for why it is happening, anywhere from av software to scanjet. Anybody else have this problem or a fix for it? THanks.

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    The Media Control Interface (MCI) provides standard commands for playing multimedia devices and recording multimedia resource files. These commands are a generic interface to nearly every kind of multimedia device.
    If have a cd in drive, remove it before shutting down.
    Possibly you have a multimedia application running, example: winamp does not unload even after closing the winamp pgm itself.
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