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Thread: VERY ANNOYING comcast problem

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    VERY ANNOYING comcast problem

    i dunno why but starting today that my comcast keep hanging or just stop connecting to the internet (like getting the white page that you get when your not connected) so i had to reconnect on both the wire on the modem and the router to get it start working again..

    outside comp main comp:
    motarola modem
    netgear router

    inside comp:
    airlink wireless

    but i used the tcpOptimizer today too but the problem started because i did that so i dunno what it is...also unistalled everything thats i used toda but that didnt work either
    Sam Huynh

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    Comcast is upgrading your speeds that's probably why the hangups when there is a major upgrade like that i'm assuming it's due to the soon to be speed hykes some areas got it already some haven't
    Comptia a+ n+

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    hmm didnt know about that but we're not getting the high speed internet form comcast though we're still using its regular one...

    but is the upgrade worth it? how much speed will i gain? and how much more do i have to pay? cause im paying 58 bucks a month now
    Sam Huynh

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    I belive it's a free upgrade here is some more details about it might call them see what they say
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    ok i think im pretty sure its not the upgrade...i hate it cause it happens every 15 minute when im doing something important and get very very it works then justs stops while its still connected to the modem and router but just stop it the router problem? modem problem? or comcast;s problem? someone please help before i go crazy
    Sam Huynh

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    Power down you modem for at least 1 minute and then power back up.

    Before WE go crazy.
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    lol sorry bout the going crazy thing i was just really pissed but i dl the firmware for it just now and looks ok so far but i hope it works
    Sam Huynh

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    ok i know what the problem is....its my wireless pci card because whenever i used it it messes up when i powered down and use the main one nothing can i fix this with still using the wireless card please help
    Sam Huynh

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    I have had the same problem.

    It's the modem most likely.

    I have a Surfboard SB3100, and Comcast informed they will exchange it because it's not rated for 4Mbps. I liked the speed increase from 3.2 to 4, so I then upgraded again to 6Mbps and it got worse.

    The tech at Comcast said, and I quote, "That modem and a series of others are not rated to go to 4Mbps, so it's having a hernia trying to run at 6Mbps".

    Hope this helps.
    If they supplied the modem, get an exchange from them.

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