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    I recently got the netgear cg814w wireless internet gateway installed on my home network. Now I am having isssues when trying to use the video conferencing part of yahoo messenger. I know that I have to open up port 5100 to get the webcams to work and I also know how to get into my router configuration I just need to know how to set that port to open when I need it too.....Any Ideas?

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    Look for the port forwarding section of the netgear admin page.

    Select port 5100 for your cams and then forward it to the ip of the computer using the software.

    To determine the correct ip goto the computer using the yahoo cam software and do an ipconfig. To find your ip in XP goto
    Start-->Run-->type CMD-->hit enter-->type ipconfig and hit enter

    if that dont work then type ipconfig in the run command and that may work.

    You may get a number like

    in the admin page it will say what ip do u want forwarded.

    put in the number you got from the ipconfig

    This should forward the port 5100 to the computer needing access

    Check the yahoo settings. they may require another port for return.


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