ok, there are a lot of threads ive dug through, and this is my 1st post on these boards.
ive been here many times, just never needed to post anything because ive found my answers.

anyways... after settings, firmwares, drivers, uninstalls, reinstalls, and on and on... i finall have the router running stable without restarts (turning off Super G or Turbo, and manually selecting a wireless channel seemed to do it)

and i have the actual Dlink config utility (which makes windows xp hang for a minute during boot) running with windows zero config off (took me forever to get that to work right, had to install aegis15 ((or else clicking the dlink icon would do nothing)) which put itself in the program files folder for the dlink config utility for some reason ) and im using Qcheck to test throughput and only getting (every time) 22Mbps with all different settings, even turning turbo G mode or whatever on temporarily, and even running with the windows zero config setup instead of dlinks connection utility.

in running version b4 of the wireless card with 2.4.7 or something driver
and the 2.5 firmware on the router itself.

anyone know why im getting these low speeds with an "advertised" 108Mbps... i know i wont get that, but id at least the 54Mbps and id be happy.

thanks in advance!