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Thread: Can I use two DSL modems?

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    Can I use two DSL modems?

    I am currently using SBC DSL, and i was wondering, if would to buy another modem, would i be able to use it to connect to the internet and get the same speeds?

    There seems to be a problem where I cant use routers for some reason and I dont want to connect a computer through USB because it seems to disconnect alot.

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    only if u want to pay double for service..

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    You must pay double.And you should have two ethernet controllers.

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    Thumbs up Are we being serious?


    Sure, you can install as many cable modems as you want. Each one will require service for its unique MAC address. How much bandwith do you think you need?

    If you are daring, purchase an Ethernet cable modem and don't LEA$E it by the month. You must inform your cable company of the new Modem MAC address for installation/provisioning.
    I have installed replacement cable modems for businesses that were stranded with marginal hardware and were leasing the faulty equipment.
    If you are finally ready to drop the USB connection and join the Ethernet world, buy a Netgear, DLINK or Linksys cable modem and also get yourself a SOHO router with a Firewall. These appliances are easily installed with very little technical knowledge. Plus, you will be forced to understand a little "Internet Protocol", TCP/IP.
    This will cost less than $75, and you own the network gear. The learning curve will hardly hurt,, and you will have a fast, safe and reliable connection you can be proud of!

    Now that you're on your way to becoming a Jr. Network Engineer, its time for you to pass the knowledge down to your fellow man.


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    You'll need a separate account for each broadband modem you want to hook up. Yes there are routers out there with dual WAN ports, which you can connect two connections to. The router will load balance the two connection. You can put in two DSL modems, or two cable modems, or one of each . Or frame relay, etc etc.

    Symantecs makes some dual WAN port routers, also Linksys has a new upper end router range which does so.

    You will not get double the speeds, but as your load increases, you won't notice as much of a slowdown. Two 1.5 meg DSL connections will not equal a single 3.0 meg connection. But two 1.5 meg connections can handle more load without performance loss over a single 1.5 meg connection.
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