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Thread: Big bug in TCP analizer ?

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    Big bug in TCP analizer ?

    Here's part of my test:

    IP type of service field (RFC1349) = 01001000

    Precedence (priority) = 000 (routine)
    Delay = 1 (low delay)
    Throughput = 0 (normal throughput)
    Reliability = 0 (normal reliability)
    Cost = 1 (low cost)

    but it seems to me that bits are analyzed in reverse order right ?

    01001000 (=72) should be:

    Precedence (priority) = 010
    Delay = 0
    Throughput = 1
    reliability = 0
    cost = 0

    Cost, infact, is the LESS significative bit (apart from the last which is unused).

    Am i right ?

    else should i use 18 in DefaultTosValue ?!? (00010010).

    Another thing is:

    why if i set DISABLEUSERTOSSETTING to 1 my TOS is ALWAYS 0x0 ???

    Thanks in advance

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    RE : TOS importance in tweaking

    There are several explanations of TOS.
    also evry router can ignore &|or change it values
    Customers have no chance to find wich hops was changed TOS value
    but the most impotant is final effects.

    The final effects of TOS settings should be find in RTT or ping (ms)

    despite of experiments with TOS value
    none evident effects were noted the Internet connections
    so IMO still for tweaking TOS values are not important

    TOS settings can be checked by option
    -v {TOS value} in ping.exe

    coppy below as file : tos72.bat
    %SystemRoot%\system32\ping.exe -a -n 10 -l 1452 -v 72 > "%temp%\pingTOS72"
    start /w notepad "%temp%\pingTOS72"
    del "%temp%\pingTOS72"

    for explanation of all ping.exe options can be used : pingOptions.bat
    %SystemRoot%\system32\ping.exe /? > "%temp%\pingOptions"
    start /w notepad "%temp%\pingOptions"
    del "%temp%\pingOptions"

    BTW compare both TOS values :
    72 vs 200 (=72+128)
    18 vs 146 (=18+128)

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    Thanks, anyway i was wondering why if i set DefaultTos=72(01001000) tcpanalyzer on says my tos is 00010010(18).
    Ti looks like it does some confusion with the bit order right ?

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    RE : ...' new phenomenon was discovered ?? ' ...

    mentioned by you TOS cofusing efect
    was written by me in May 2003 on SG Forum
    still reasons remained unclear
    (eg compare :
    w98 vs w2k
    with vs without router
    or diferent ISPs).

    see 05-04-03, 11:48 AM Andrzej
    TOS in Analyzer Help about TOS
    ... concerning on TypeOfService(TOS)
    TOS (Type Of Service) A field in an IP packet (IP datagram)
    that is used for quality of service (QoS).
    The TOS field is 8 bits, broken into five subfields.
    TechEncyclopedia link

    value rage 0-255
    not present by default (not present mean TOS=0)
    converted to string & in results
    SG TCP/IP Analyzer as IP type of service field (RFC1349)= 00000000
    one can read string from right to left subfields exactly =0'0'0'0'0'000
    simply read as follow: r | C | R | T | D | PPP
    from below: subfield; meaning; options:
    1. Precedence (priority)= eight options (compilations 0&1)
    2. Delay = two options (1=YES; 0=no)
    3. Throughput = two options (1=YES; 0=no)
    4. Reliability = two options (1=YES; 0=no)
    5. Cost = two options (1=YES; 0=no)
    ... reserve = none option = 0

    more about my TOS experiments in link below :
    TOS playing is it work for you?
    TOS=240 new recomendation ?
    TOS's trouble SG TCP/IP Analyzer
    TOS in Analyzer Help about TOS
    AndyEffect link
    usefulness TOS setting check
    who rewrited TOS Analyzer results

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    RE : "The TOS/DiffServ field in the IP header"

    Up to date but also interesting
    explanation of the mentioned terms
    can be found in links :
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ...
    TOS Type of Service, a field found in the header of IPv4 packets. (now DiffServ and ECN)
    IPv4 than 'IPv4 header format'
    Differentiated services
    Network congestion avoidance (Redirected from Explicit Congestion Notification)
    Quality of service (Redirected from Quality of Service) link

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