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Thread: Connection problems with Verizon 3 mbps & Westell Gateway

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    Connection problems with Verizon 3 mbps & Westell Gateway


    I recently signed up for the Verizon DSL deal that provides 3 mbps downstream along with the free Westell Versalink 327w Wireless Gateway Router/modem/firewall.

    Ever since installation I have had problems with the DSL connection. The connection cuts out momentarily whenever someone picks up the phone on the phone line, which is also the line the DSL is coming through. After about half a minute, it re-connects. All of the DSL filters are installed correctly.

    I have called Verizon numerous times about this issue, and we've tried several things. They said the problem seems to be a lot of noise on the line. We tested the connection from various places in the house, from different jacks, and even connected the modem directly to the block where the phone wires enter the house. Verizon says they're still getting a lot of noise on the line.

    So far, they've tried to solve the problem by cutting the DSL speed in half, to 1.5 mbps, on the grounds that a slower connection would be more stable. They have also sent me a new router. A few days ago they even sent out a technician to my building to test the line, and he said that the line "tested clean," where I had the modem set up to connect to my computer. Still, the connection dropping problem persists.

    One other issue: When I pick up the phone, I can hear a lot of static noise in the background, and even pick up modem traffic from time to time. The Verizon technician listened to this and said that was definitely not normal.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

    On my computer I am running Windows XP SP1 (I have not installed SP2), with an ABIT NF7-S Motherboard & onboard LAN.

    When I first called Verizon Tech Support they said this was a known issue and common problem, yet they don't seem to know how to fix it...

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    Anyone? Anyone at all?

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    Disconnect ALL OF THE PHONES in the house and see if your modem loses sync. If not, hook up each phone ONE BY ONE and test. If you lose sync on say the 3rd phone, then you know that you have a bad phone. A bad phone in the house WILL cause problems with Verizon DSL.
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    Did you get any DSL line filters? Verizon is supposed to supply you with those. if they didn't Demand them.. you needs those - they filter out the interference from any phone in your home (whether it's off the hook or not).

    If they fail to do so, go to Radio Snack (Shack) and pick up one for each of your phones.

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