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Thread: connecting laptop

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    connecting laptop

    I am already connected to the internet using Comcast cable. My question is, how do i connect a used laptop I was given recently? I know almost nothing about computers, so please don't get "too technical" if you answer. Please tell me what I will need to get and what I need to do once I get them. Thanks!

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    If you want to hook up both your PC and lapop to the Internet at the same time, you will need:

    - a NIC (Network Interface Card) in your PC.
    - a NIC (Network Interface Card) in your laptop.
    - a router.

    The rest will depend if you get the traditional router or the wireless...

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    If you recently reveived the Laptop, then I'm assuming its running Windows XP. What needs to be known is if it has wireless built in to it. If it does, then all you need is a wireless router. I'm using the D-Link Di-524. If the laptop doesn't have wirless buit into it, then you also need a wireless card. Fortunately, most manufacturers make what they call a wireless laptop kit. It normally contains a wireless router and wirless card. This is what i purchased. It was the D-Link DWL-923.

    The router connects between your cable modem and your main computer, and will split your internet connection. It will also create the wirless network that your laptop will connect to.

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