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Thread: Help for VPN setup

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    Red face Help for VPN setup

    Hi, there:

    I have a VPN setup question.

    I need a VPN connection between two PCs in two locations.

    Both ends are with XP-pro and cable modems;
    Both ends are with D-link DI-614+ Wireless routers;
    My ISP (Comcast) assigned both ends DHCP IP addreeses.

    Please help. Thank you very much.

    Please reply to:

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    My advice...take a hardware approach, get some routers that support "router to router VPN". That will give you NAT protection for each device, and offload the VPN to a hardware device. Good performance such as from Sonicwall TZW units, or, if on a budget, routers such as a Linksys BEFSX41.
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