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Thread: Confiuring Windows 2003 server on a cable connection.

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    Question Confiuring Windows 2003 server on a cable connection.

    Hi Guyís and Girls.

    I hoping someone can provide me with a little assistance with a small networking problem Iím having.

    As you will know doubt discover on your own, I am some what of a nOOb to configuring a server. That being said, hereís the lowdown.

    Hereís what I have going on.

    Iím running Comcast cable internet to cable modem with RG6 cable, to a Linksys 4 port BEFSR41 router using Cat5e patch cables out to the computers. All computers are running win2000 and XP Pro. I am making one of the computers a server. This server was loaded with Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. I ran DHCPROMO and got the DNS & DHCP going. All seems to be fine. All the containers are there and so forth. My hang up is the IP address scheme, and whatever else you see that I donít.

    I will be turning off the DHCP in the router so the server will take care of it. I just donít know what IP address, subnet mask, or default gateway to set my NIC at. I know it has to be static. Once I turn the DHCP off on the router does it just become a hub from that point on? I mean should I not even give it another thought from that point on. When I configure the scope how should I set the IP rang and what not? Can I use the same scheme the router assigned before up to This BTW is what I set it to. Also, I excluded addresses through and by its self thinking it would be used for the router. LOL so how bad is it. Am I going about this totally wrong? Feel free to be as blunt as you want.

    I thank you for your time and appreciate any and all help or criticism you have to offer.


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    Once I turn the DHCP off on the router does it just become a hub from that point on?
    Yes- and it's still your default internet gateway for the lan as well.
    should I set the IP range and what not?
    You sure can if you want. You can maintain the same 192.168.1.x range for your lan.

    You need to do a couple things yet-

    1- set a static IP for your server within the range of your lan. Can be whatever you want within that range. I usually set servers between 1-20; clients between 100-200; and printers/peripherals between 201-225. I generally set the router / gateway IP at 254. Just a personal preference, and to help break it up and distinguish it in your mind. You can leave the Linksys the way it is stock, as if you want, you just need to exclude that IP from your server dhcp scope, which you've already done. So we'll assume you're leaving the router as that, and say the server will be

    2- Once DNS is running (correctly) on the server, the server's static IP settings will be; subnet maske; default gateway; and DNS server ip of (the server's own IP). Tis is VERY important. The server and all clients should ONLY point to the server for DNS, and NOT your isp's dns servers. Some will argue this with you, but they are wrong. Clients in a 2000/2003 environment should only point to their internal network DNS server for resolution.

    3- For external (internet) resolution, you'll need to configure DNS Forwarders. In your administrative tools, select DNS; highlight your server, right click and go to properties. You'll see a tab there for forwarders. This is where you enter your ISP's DNS server addresses.

    4- Be sure to TURN OFF DHCP on your router! You can't have two dhcp servers on your network.

    5- In your DHCP scope options, make sure your correct router IP is entered, and make sure your DNS server is entered.

    That should do it- make sure clients are all set to recieve IPs from dhcp, re-boot 'em, and you're off to the races!
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    Hey guy's thank you so much for the help. Everything is up and running perfect. If you ever need anything let me know.


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