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    Need Help!

    I've created a workgroup in xp using the asistant in order to share files between two computers (2 laptops) the problem is, instead of 2 two computers there are 3 in that workgroup, and I can't remove that third computer. Is it possible to do this?
    My second question is, if later on I want to delete or remove this workgroup created, can I do this?. if it so, how can I do this?. Is it removable or I have to stick with it forever?
    I am a newbie in networking so I would appreciate any information regarding to that matter...Thanks in advance

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    When you see the 3x computers in the workgroup, are you sure you're not just seeing the "workgroup" level icon, which shows the workgroup in My Network Places, represented with an icon that has 3x computers connected. If you double click that icon, you'll open up the workgroup itself and actually see an icon for each computer in the workgroup.

    If you recently renamed a computer in a network, the old name will still be cached in the browser cache (not web browser, but your network browser), it's basically just a "ghost" name that will disappear by itself over time, depending upon many variables.

    You can easily change the name of your workgroup, sure, not a problem. Go to each computer, rename the workgroup, reboot, it'll show up fairly quickly.

    Workgroups are simply an old organizational method of organizing large networks, simply to organize it visually for people, but one common misconception I see many people think is necessary, is that computers have to be in the same workgroup to be able to access each other. Absolutely not true. You can have a peer to peer network, with 12 computers, setup in several, even 12 different workgroups, and they'll all be able access each other with no problem. It simply ads one more layer you have to drill down into in Network Places, that's all. Computers do not have to be in the same workgroup to be able to access or find each other. Having them in the same workgroup simply makes it easier to visually see them one layer higher in Network Places.

    Sometimes in peep to peer networks, it also helps faster browsing of the network (and initial setup) to force NetBIOS over TCP/IP, doine under TCP properties, Advanced button, radio button switch under the WINS tab. It usually works under the default setting, but often times due to many variables which would normally be controlled by a server on a network, the setting doesn't always work in automatic mode, and flipping it on manually can help speed up that initial setup of the network and name resolution.

    Also in peer to peer networks, sometimes it takes a while for one computer to be elected the "master browser". It's supposed to happen automatically, but due to many variables, it often doesn't. The master browser is the computer which will become the boss of a peer to peer network as far as network browsing is concerned. Sometimes a computer has to be forced to become one by hand (in the registry) if the network does not resolve itself over a period of time, and others have to be forced not to be it. But usually it'll happen OK by itself over a period of time.
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