I want to move loads files and photos to my folks back home. Currently both ends have XP standard edition, and my goal is to move about 2 or 3 gigs (initially), without Pkzip or mailbox limitations. I could encrypt for security reasons, but my Brother is way behind on his arcane PC skills. Were both simple maintenance folk, he plays with hospital toys. Im an IT infrastructure / hardware dude and I have no real software / server config experience. I tweak workstations (my hobby) and I deal with PCs and networks daily.

IP addresses I can find, Ive used a FTP client before, maybe two or three times in my life, thus the reason for this thread. I was told one end has to set up as a FTP server and the other a client. I thought at one time one of the sessions I used was client to client; just talked to a Hell Desk monkey (at work) and she said I was wrong Then rambled on about servers and clients.

Ive access to Windows 2003 Advanced Server; my boss wants me to learn this down the road, but not on his network at work. At home, I have a PC with the stones to run this, but I dont want to reconfigure my game PC just for the FTP host service. Id lose my game rig and that just will not do.

Two coppers or some bones tossed this direction would be welcomed.