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Thread: Un-capping not illegal

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    Have any of you ACTUALLY received the logs? He hasnt sent them to me, was wondering if he's bluffing.

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    Interesting !!

    Send me a copy of the log file too. I am not living in US btw.


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    I'd get a better deal out of RR than just 1 year.. what happens when your 1 year is up? But do cut a deal. To offer you a deal like that they are obviously very interested in your activities. They will probably not back down and will eventually find a way to legally oust you. Cut a deal before they figure out how to leave you with nothing.

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    I could easily have missed this, but I was curious too. Someone ask you if you were running a server?
    I could find no post if you answered this.

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    Yeah that was me who asked. He never responded though.

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    If these codes came from the motorola tech, then why doesn't RR just contact Motorola and get the codes?

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    Could i please see the logs as well??
    Email them to

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    Sorry if I have'nt gotten back. To answer a few questions:

    downhill and fanta :I need to explain the proxy serv thing I guess a little more. I am not running a proxy server. They asked me if I used proxy servers. I do use publically available proxy servers to keep my information (IP and the like) from being known. But no I do not run servers of any type.

    Why dont they get the codes from motorola ? It isn't that they can't get the codes from motorola, its that they do not want the public at large to have them. Can you imagine how fast this will sweep thru the cable user community? Overnight a lot of systems would come to a stand still. You your self would be competing against others on your own node who have them as well.

    Martialcomp : As far as this being criminal - dont think so. At first when I experimented with the codes it was just out of curoisity. I at first did not know what they would do. I just thought that they would allow a look at the inner workings. After messing around with them for a bit and deciphering a bit I discovered that certain settings could be made. I admit that I did continue to use the speed setting thing after I knew what it was, but the way I look at it is that the law tried to nail me for it and the same law let me go and allowed me to continue. There is a law in my state that you can not sell fireworks but you can use them. Right across the state line they can sell fireworks so everyone goes over there during the 4th of july and new years , etc... and buys them and brings them home to the same state that outlaws their sale but not their use. So if people do that (buy them and bring them back into the state) are they breaking the law in their own state by using them ? Even tho the intention of the law against sales of the fireworks is to curb there use, have these people broken the law ? Nope! If you get a speeding ticket and you go to court and the officer that wrote you the ticket does not show up, have you ever had the ticket dismissed (might be different where you live) ? What do you say then - "ooohhh I was really speeding your honor and I am sure that nice policeman did not mean not to show up - throw the book at me sir." No what you do is say thank you and leave - so in the same context as your statements I ask you a question - have you broken the law ?

    Why haven't they swapped out the cable modem already ? I do not know - I kinda expected them to show up and do it but they haven't.

    Martialcomp : Thankyou for feeling sorry for me. Once again I am not promoting illegal activity, the law said what I did and am doing is perfectly legal. If I were promoting "illegal" activity, my first post here would have been with the codes and implicit instructions on how to use them. I do not know if the post would have been removed or not. It seems everyone is so eager to downcry what they preceive as wrong or illegal or not moral in this world, but thanks for having these feelings for me
    I feel all warm and fuzzy now

    fanta : I have to be fair to those around me already decided to set the speed back to it's normal settings. During prime time hours I set the speeds back to the normal "installed roadrunner specified settings using the motorola codes. I started doing this yesterday after Road Runners call.

    wee96 : and the rest of you - I have not sent the logs to anyone on this board that has asked for them. I did send the information to a friend of mine to try to see if different modems were affected by them. He has a new motorola cable modem and I wanted to see just what would be affected by these codes. Yes they worked.

    TonyT: Thankyou for your response. I agree with you somewhat strangely enough. This is the reason that I have not posted the codes or released them. Not to be greedy. To tell you the truth had Road Runner just given me a phone call or an email asking me not to do it I would have stopped immdediately. But they decided to make a big case out of it and have me arrested and go to lengths (their words) to "make an example" out of me. I am sure that the lawyers that my sister spoke to were trying to be tough but they went too far. Why not just disconnect the service as they do every day for thousands of people across the US for making "illegal" cable drops ? They don't "make an example" out of them. All they had to do is ask. Now they are probebly facing a law suit (haven't decided yet- I have 90 days to file) for wrongful prosecution - false imprisonment - slander - defamnation of character and a whole slew of other things, mostly small ones. When they had me arrested do you know that they called my employer to get my attendance record ? (what for I do not know - I'm on time for work every day - havent missed a day in 18 years). Do you know that they endangered my lively hood ? All they had to do was ask - a simple phone call or email like the many I get every week with them trying to sell me more services - movie channels and the such. Just ask.

    Will I release the codes and the instructions ? I dont know yet - plain and simple. If I decide to do that I will email them probably from one of the many free email accounts around the net. Do I want to release them ? Honestly ? Yes I do , But would I be acting responsibly in doing so ? probably not, depends on how much more road runner pisses me off. Would I be promoting an illegal activity ? Not in my state but maybe others. So will I release them ? Honestly right now - I just do not know.

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    Violent, actually I was refering to file server. Maybe an FTP site or IRC Fserv? Did/Do you run any of these?

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    How does one mask their IP?

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    Thumbs up

    *** Can I Take A Look At These logs too ***

    My Email is:

    THANKS :-]

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    Just use a Hotmail accound or a zzn acount.

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    Violent: Email me.


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    But I'm the only one on my node :-)

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    Hmmm...Public Utility Commission in your state. Let's see...Texas? Ummm, fireworks accross the state line...uh, El Paso?

    You sure the codes didn't come from someone who works over in the Motorolla maquilla plant in Juarez? Hmmmmm?

    Nahh...just foolin' with you about how you came across the codes (but not about your location). I'm sure it went down just as you said.

    The arrogance that seeps in and infects certain corporate cultures is appalling. To think all of this could have been avoided with one simple and polite phone call.

    I've chronicled my own dealings with Road Runner here myself. In trying to reach a live person in management to talk to about the atrocious customer service I'd received, I FINALLY get an e-mail from the Operations Manager in my region. She invited me to call her to discuss things, which I did.

    However, to this date I have not spoken with the woman. Every time I called I would get her voice mail...she never returned my calls, and eventually delegated the task of returning my calls to a tech whose job function was in no way related to the issues at hand.

    The only way the ordinary consumer can stand up for fair treatment is to contact the various regulatory bodies and also to go through the courts. But I'm sure my consumer complaints are not even a fly speck on their radar.

    Too bad...not saying it's the same thing, but looking back on things now after a hugely expensive class action suit, I'm sure AOL wishes they'd handled things a little differently.

    It's amazing how much time, energy, and money is spent by corporations failing to deal with the consumer on a human level. In your case, if the codes end up being circulated on the net, I wonder if Road Runner has calculated just how much money that one phone call would have saved their shareholders. Amazing...

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    Hey Violent,
    Hold out for 5 years business account on that deal. By then much faster, cheaper services will be avialble, but set yourself up until then. 10 mpbs up and down for a year isn't good enough for a trade secret like that, espec. if said secret gives you close to that anyway.
    rememberwee, if he's telling the truth he has every reason not to post the sniff logs yet

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    What ever happened to plain old values & honesty? I'm a businessman. A flooring & tile contractor. Been self employed for 24 years. I have seen my share of folks who want " something for nothing". Perolpe who want a service or work done & don't want to pay for it. Those people ALWAYS always end up paying a price for their "criminal think". (the common denominator of all criminality is the idea of getting something for nothing, no exchange)

    So this guy got off lucky this time. I don't believe for one minute that prior to his trying out the codes, he didn't have the thought, "I probably shouldn't be doing this". But that thought was followed with 100 reasons why it would be OK to do it!

    Modern law has nothing at all to to with values or morals or right & wrong. It has more to do with loopholes in the existing written moral codes(laws). An example is the view on sanity & insanity in the courts today. When is a criminal insane? I'll tell you when. All criminals are insane! Rational thinkers do not end up in court or jail. Just to wind up in court for any charge is an indication that at some point the individual was not following his own rational thought but was being influenced by some insane thinking, either his or another's!

    I am not defending RR here. I am totally against the values promoted by the "get a job, save your money, middle class don't rock the boat American pro-ritilan idealists". Those ideals are designed to "keep one down" & remove the "potentially dangerous threats" from the environment of the criminally wealthy.(Old man Kennedy made his money bootlegging!)

    However, I believe all people are basically good & that they know without a doubt when they are doing something that they possibly shouldn't be doing. Personal integrity is a much better quality & quantity to posess than bandwidth!

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    Wow, this thread is awesome. It entertained me for an hour while I read all the posts. Haha! I'd say screw them and their deal, keep your uncap right now! I'm not too bright on all this law talk and all that jazz, but heck, dont take their deal unless they make it for 2 years or more! And throw in free digital TV for a few years (or cable TV if you dont like digital). I pay 47 bucks a month for 2 IPs from RR, for an average of 60KB/sec down and like REAL slow like 4KB/sec up, then another bill for our tv.

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    I am afraid I must stir the pot a little bit more. Customers that live in Violents area are probably experiencing slow speeds. These customers typically call technical support for assistance. After a tech determines that the customer has slow speeds, he rolls a truck to the customers house to check the lines and connection. It is possible that many people are calling in with slow speeds because Violent is using more than his share of the bandwidth on his node. The techs that take the calls do not know that Violent is on that node. So, how much does this cost the cable company to roll trucks for an issue that is being caused by 1 individual?
    The techs check the lines, find no problem, refer the problem to engineering, and eventually the problem is narrowed down to 1 person...Violent. What do they do? Well, one way or another, they must get Violent off of the residential Road Runner system.

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    Each home connected to cable is capable of speeds up to 27 mbs so I serious doubt Violent was taking anything from his neighbors...(I'm sure some of you experts can tell us different). The people you should be worried about are the one who run servers. So what if Violent uncapped his modem, is he in your neighood? Since when has your follow man ever cared about his neighor? Cave man days? There are many more important issues to care about in your day than who or whoever is getting more bandwidth than you... Is he right? the court said "yes" Is O.J. gulity? the court said "no" we all know the answers to both questions....


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