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Thread: how do i find my IP address?

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    how do i find my IP address?

    How do i find my router IP address?

    Thanks people.


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    Start - run and type cmd, then at the prompt type ipconfig /all

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    Are you looking for your public IP, the WAN IP of the router?

    Many sites, such as that's an easy one to remember
    Or many scanning sites, such as ours..

    Or log onto your routers web admin, most of them have some sort of current "status" page which will show you the WAN IP and DNS servers that it obtained from your ISP.
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    Try the manual that came with your router.
    It will have the router IP and password you need to type in to access the administration section of the router.

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    Whoami will give you your private and public ip's plus a whole lot more. It's free and standalone so no install required, just run it. If you are behind a router the default gateway ip displayed will be your routers ip addy.

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