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Thread: Need Cat5 help

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    Need Cat5 help

    Hi i recently bought some cat5 wire to run to up my dsl speeds and when i got everything done inside i ran wire to poll and found that i have a 5 prong box and i was wondering if anyone can tell me how i can wire cat5 to it it only has wires coming from line to 2 of the 5 prongs so if anyone can help would really appreciate it ty for your time

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    To up your DSL speeds? I don't think that's possible, if your current cabling is good quality, etc.

    Who is your ISP?
    What speed package are provisioned under?
    Are you networked?
    What speeds are you seeing at this point?

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    I have bellsouth dsl we pay for 256 but or only getting 28 at the most and the telephone company said reason was that we need to install the wire they was going to do it but they want arm and leg so i just figured id do it myself but i cant seem to find anywhere that can help me with this problem of how to hook the wire upto the pole ty for your time

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