Hi all,
I'm transferring files between my PC and a TiVo and an XBox.
My Setup is as follows:

PC - Sitecom PCI Wireless Card (802.11g) This is manually set to 11 Mbps
Router - Puretek PT-3818 ADSL Modem / Wireless router (802.11b)
XBox and Tivo - Linksys WET11 wireless bridge (802.11b)

My OS is Windows XP (SP2)

Anyhoo, When I try and drop files on my XBox, or pull files off my TiVo, the best speed I can get is 180K.

I have not got encryption on and my Signal Strength between the PC and router is being reported by XP as "Excellent".
Downstairs, I have a cantenna connected to the WET11. Downstairs, btw, is through 1 wall and 1 floor about 10 yards away I'd say.
I have also turned off the XP SP2 firewall and Kerio Personal Firewall - so there is no firewall running. I'm running Norton antivirus.

Any ideas as to why I'm getting such a solw transfer rate ?

BTW, I've used both SmartFTP and FlashFXP for the file transfer.

Thanks !!!