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Thread: Severe lag problem - @Hom Arlington, VA

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    Angry Severe lag problem - @Hom Arlington, VA

    Having a problem on Comcast @Home in Arlington, VA. For the last 4-5 days I get pings to my favorite Unreal Tournament servers in the range of 4000 (!) ms, with 40% packet loss on the return route. (Similar results for several UT servers for which I formerly had pings less than 100 ms.) Needless to say, my connection is now unusable for internet games.

    So I start up Ping Plotter, a nice ping tracking utility, to take a look. If I ping the UT server once every few seconds, I get a nice ping around 80 ms. But if I change it to ping the UT server 10 times a second, the ping skyrockets to 1500 ms. Somehow the amount of data I am sending is severely impacting the latency of the connection.

    I called the @Home support line, but they would not acknowledge a problem. The guy pinged me and said it looked ok to him; I told him to ping me 10 times a second to see the problem, but he said he had no way to do that. He also had me test my bandwidth by downloading something from the proxy server. It was just barely above the speeds they guarantee (I think 400 kbps) so he said that looked ok too. Up until a few days ago, I routinely had dl speeds in excess of 2 Mbps.

    There is obviously a serious problem here. Pings over 4 seconds?! I am calling them back tonight to demand that it get fixed. But it's hard to demonstrate that there is a problem when they just ping me once and it looks ok. So has anyone seen a problem like this before? Any idea what the cause might be? If I could call them with a list of potential causes, maybe they will listen to me more.


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    i am having a similar problem

    playing tribes, halflife or unreal, my pings are literally killing me. I used to download at 187KBps and get pings around 60ms, but now everything has gone down might just be an over load of nodes-resources.

    By the way i am in Falls Church, VA and have Cox RR.

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    I have the same issue

    I have had the same issues with tribes and unreal and other multiplayers. If you ever found a fix for this issue I would love to know what the problem was and the resolution. Even if you know only whats causing the problem i can try to fomulate my own solution.

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    I have the same thing and I live in Annandale, VA.

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    Leave it to some n00bs to bring back a thread from five years ago.

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    Lots of things can cause lag, stupid zone alarm, a crappy router or one crapping out, bad signal to modem, ...bumping a 5 year old thread


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