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Thread: DSL Ping Spikes

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    Angry DSL Ping Spikes

    Hi fellas,

    I run a 512 DSL line in a 2bit hick town in Minnesota. As of latly I've been getting BAD Ping spikes every few minutes. ( Average 60ms in Call of Duty spikeing to 999ms and slowly falling back down to 60-100ms every few minutes) I've called the ISP but of course it's not them they say,And i have ran the latest Spy/Adware and virus scan's.

    Speed test's shot my Download/Upload speed's @ 268/211 wich dosnt seem good either. Any clue on that?

    I have also done the QoS Tweaks and Reg edit for IE and DNS Error cache to no avail ... all help is appreciated.


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    Perhaps something running in the background?? or Video card bottlenecking the system.. I had that problem once the video card was going bad and it kept spiking my connection and eventually was lockin up in single player as well. Just a thought of course. Still wouldn't put it past the ISP that could be where the problem lies or perhaps in the line itself.

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