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Thread: Gotta love Asus

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    Gotta love Asus

    [12/10/2004 10:39:00 AM - nick23]
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thank you for your support of our products!
    The problem you are reporting is a stability issue and is usually caused by either the memory, power supply or the CPU running too hot. Please check with the memory maker to see if the module you are using has been tested or certified with the chipset on your motherboard. Also, check that your power supply can supply enough power for your system configuration and that your CPU's heatsink and fan are properly installed.
    First, please check that your CPU is not overheating. You can check this in the BIOS setup, under Power, then Hardware Monitor. If the CPU is overheating, please check that your heatsink and fan are properly installed and that you are using exactly one heat transfer agent between the CPU and heatsink (ex. Artic Silver). Make sure that the heatsink compound is applied ONLY to the CPU die and that it is NOT shorting any surface mount components on top of the CPU or contacting the CPU's pins.
    Please check to verify that your board will properly support the CPU that you have. This link will list the minimum BIOS and PCB version that you must have to PROPERLY support your CPU.

    Please ask the memory manufacturer the following questions:
    Have you done any certification testing with this memory module and our MB (motherboard) or any MB using the same chipset at the density you are trying to use (ex. 3*512MB DIMMS totaling 1.5GB of memory)?
    If the answer is no and they just build to a certain specification/standard, then who's specification/standard do they use and how do they validate their design? If they just build the memory and do not validate it how do they know it will perform?
    When we design our MB we follow the chipset makers spec. with regards to memory.
    We do validate the memory IC maker's reference designs with our MB to make sure they are up to spec. and if we need to add support for Higher density IC.
    Most memory module makers do not follow the IC maker's reference designs so they can use whom ever IC's on their memory Module. There is nothing wrong with this, but the problem is if they deviate from the IC makers reference designs and or even if they use the IC makers reference they should do some level of validation to insure quality.
    We are one of the largest MB makers so one would think that if you were making a product you would test your product with the most popular associated products.
    Here is a list of memory manufacturers that use our MB's as well as others to do this type of testing and also will post a guarantee that their memory will work in our MB's as well as others. Please check the following websites for compatibility:
    Also, here are some setup tips that may help you to set up the system.
    Please start by clearing the system c-mos memory following the procedure in your manual. Make sure the power AND the battery on the motherboard is removed before shorting the CLR RTC solder points or jumper pins.
    You may need to refer to the "Interrupt Request Table" in your manual and arrange your PCI add-in cards so they do not cause interrupt conflicts. Some devices just do not get along with each other. You may also remove your PCI cards to see if this corrects the problem. If it does, add the cards back one by one to see which card is causing the problem. Anytime you add, move, or remove a PCI card, please enter BIOS setup and set the option "Reset Configuration Data" to "Yes" if your BIOS has this option. This will force the BIOS to reassign resources to your PnP devices.
    Next, enter Bios Setup and load setup defaults.
    Under Boot, if needed, please set the BOOT order. Then set "Reset Configuration Data" To "YES". Any other changes you need to make for your specific system configuration please do so at this time.
    Next, exit "Saving Changes" and this should correct the issue.
    Also for Windows 9X or ME, they have some issues with CPU speeds greater than 2.1 GHz (see MS Q312108) or memory above 512 MB total system memory (see MS Q253912). These O.S. cannot cache the memory properly. If your CPU is greater than 2.1 GHz, you will need to contact Microsoft Product Support Services to obtain a patch to correct this issue.
    Here are some links for common memory related problems:
    Err Msg: "Out of Memory" Error Messages with Large Amounts of RAM Installed;en-us;q253912
    Err Msg: Windows Protection Error in NDIS with a CPU That Is Faster Than 2.1 GHz;en-us;q312108
    Err Msg: While Initializing Device NTKERN: Windows Protection...;EN-US;q192397
    Err Msg: Insufficient Memory to Initialize Windows;EN-US;q184447
    Computer May Reboot Continuously with More Than 1.5 GB of RAM;EN-US;q304943
    Computer Speed and Performance May Decrease;EN-US;q259161
    Err Msg: Not Enough Extended Memory Available to Run Windows;EN-US;q311367
    Troubleshooting Stop 0x24 or NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM Error Messages;EN-US;q228888

    Make sure you have a FRESH install of your OS on THIS motherboard and that the drive was partitioned and formatted on this motherboard. Make sure that you install the most recent drivers in the following order:
    1) Chipset/Motherboard drivers (Example, VIA 4 in 1's for VIA chipsets, Intel INF and Application Accelerator for Intel chipsets, Etc.) Do this BEFORE loading any other driver!
    2) Latest version of Direct X.
    3) Latest Video Card drivers.
    4) SCSI/ATA drivers
    5) Lan/NIC drivers
    6) Modem drivers, then any other drivers
    7) Finally, install sound card drivers last.

    Also, please check to make sure your power supply can supply enough power to your system.
    If the CPU is below 700 MHz, the power supply we suggest as follows:
    300 Watts with +5 Volt @ 25 amps, +12 Volt @ 10 amps, and +3.3 Volt @ 14 amps.
    If the CPU speed is above 700MHz, the power supply we suggest as follows:
    350 Watt with +5V @ 30 amps, +12V @ 12 amps, and +3.3V @ 22 amps.
    For Dual Intel MB, Min. P.S. should be:
    350 Watt with +5V @ 35 amps, +12V @ 15 amps, and +3.3V @ 22 amps.
    For Dual AMD MB, Min. P.S. should be:
    400 Watt with +5V @ 38 amps, +12V @ 15 amps, and +3.3V @ 20 amps.
    Please note that these are only suggestions and the actual size of the power supply may be higher than we suggest. Also, depending on the config of your system, you may need more power than listed above. For example, running multiple hard drives, CR-Rom drives or other accessories may increase the power requirements of your system!

    If that still doesn't work, then please check that the MB is not picking up EMI interference or improperly grounding against the case. Please remove the MB from the case and set it up DIRECTLY on the cardboard box it came in or some other non-static, non-conductive surface like a telephone book. Connect up everything to the MB and see if the problem persists. If this corrects the problem, you will need to electrically isolate the MB from the case. You will need to use electrical tape over the brass stand-offs that support the MB to the case and use the red paper washers between the screw heads and the MB. The red paper washers should have came with your case hardware or they can be purchased at Radio Shack or a computer store. Also double check that a motherboard standoff is NOT placed in a spot where the motherboard is not designed to be grounded, as some cases will have different standoff locations to accommodate different styled of motherboards. Also check that there are no other metal objects that could contact the motherboard or any other electrical device attached to the system, such as a metal burr, loose screw, metal rod, or any other object that could cause a short.

    Please call 502-995-0883 if you need further assistance.

    Best Regards,
    Technical Support Team
    Technical Support
    Email: << >>
    Phone: +1-502-995-0883
    URL: << >>
    << >> (for download page)
    << >>
    Customer Service
    Email: << >>
    Phone: +1-510-739-3777 EXT. 5105
    Guess they dont understand the part where I said, BLACK SCREEN< NO ACCESS TO BIOS

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    LMAO, looks/sounds like a semi automated response

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    Quote Originally Posted by caveman
    LMAO, looks/sounds like a semi automated response
    Only Semi....

    Hope he neve sprained his finger doing the cut and paste

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    Yeah, with a bit of luck he will have done!

    I was reading thru thinking wow this guy really went out of his way to help, then I read your 'punchline' at the bottom

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