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Thread: Can't get this virus off

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    Can't get this virus off

    Alright heres the problem. I am running WinXP. I scan for spyware using SpyBot and AdAware over and over and it will never remove these stuff. I disabled system restore so thats not the problem. I even did an avast boot scan scanning Archived files and then deleting the virus it found. Then when windows loads up it find a W32: trojano-699. Then it also finds this virus called bobby. No matter how many times I delete it, do boot scans, it will not delete. This virus comes back over and over. Please help.

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    You have one of the hardest spywares to remove. Try the following:

    Please download Ad-Aware SE and SpyBot Search & Destroy 1.3 then set them up EXACTLY as I have written HERE. This will offer much deeper scanning than the default settings that will find more spyware/malware.

    Install and run CWShredder.

    Then do a FREE online virus scan from TrendMicro.

    If you do not have an antivirus program then I recommend installing AVG 7.0 FREE and set it up as shown HERE.

    Also make sure you have ALL of the latest Windows Updates (only install SP2 for XP once you are spyware FREE).

    I also HIGHLY recommend you download, update and scan with Spy Sweeper, there is a FREE 30-day trial and it is an EXCELLENT product.

    If after doing ALL of the above and you are still having problems please post a HijackThis 1.98.2 log here in this forum for us to look at.

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