Hey guys,

Here is my problem. As many of you know, I live in a residence here on Campus. We are all connected at 10mbit./half duplex to a gateway for our "tower" (approx. 500 people). This gateway is connected via fiber to our main campus network. The campus is supplied by two 100Mbit connections, one from shaw, one from telus, and a 1 gigabit link that is the cannet4 educational link. What i am curious about, is why I get such variable latencies trying to access the same ip at different times (varies by the second). I am aware that load could cause a problem, and this is where i am curious.

Our gateway is a 2.8Ghz Celeron D running OpenBSD and using putty and authpf for ssh authentication based upon user id and password. We all get static IP's here. The problem I suspect with the gateway is that it has a crappy 3Com 905 series nic. Is that sufficient for the amount of traffic it has to handle?

Any ideas as to why I am getting this wierd problem are appreciated.

*just to verify my system is patched, and virus and spyware free*